Dixie Magnet has an open library door policy!  We welcome (and encourage) students to visit any time with their teacher’s permission. Each class is also scheduled for regular weekly instruction in library skills and informational technology and book exchange.

Amount of books & Length of loan period:

Students in Kindergarten and first grade will check out one book at a time, while students in grades two through five may check out two.  This amount may be extended as needed for projects or general interest. Students in grades four and five may check out play aways.

Students are encouraged to bring books back each week either to exchange or renew.

Overdue policy:

There are no late fines; however, there is a charge for books that are lost or damaged beyond repair. Overdue notices are sent out to classroom teachers regularly and students are reminded of overdue materials at the media center checkout desk.  We reserve the right to stop borrowing privileges of any student who has a book more than two weeks overdue until that book has been returned or paid for.  Should a book be found and returned later during the same school year, the cost of the book will be refunded.  We always prefer the book to your money!!!

Damaged and lost books:

Accidents happen!!!  Pets chew, water bottles leak in backpacks, younger siblings use books as coloring books and teething rings….  Students are taught responsibility if a book in their care accidentally becomes damaged. It is important to report damaged books as soon as possible, as they can often be fixed.   Please do not attempt to repair a damaged book at home.  Return it with a note to alert us to the damage. We will try to repair it with our special tapes and glues.

If a book is lost or becomes damaged beyond use, you will be billed the cost of the book.  In this case please send in a note so that your child may continue to borrow books.  As long as we are aware that you know the book is missing and will need to be paid for if not found, your child may continue to borrow.  Please note that books may not be exchanged for those from Amazon or local stores.  We order special library bound books so that they will last through several exchanges!


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