Student in Studio 3DWelcome to the Library Media Center at Dixie Magnet Elementary School!

Our mission (should you choose to accept it) is to:

  • cultivate a love of reading and learning both for pleasure and information
  • collect and promote quality and reliable resources for both students and staff
  • provide a program which functions as the information center of our school
  • assist students in becoming effective users of ideas, information and technology
  • encourage the development of life long learners and readers

About the Library Media Specialist:

Mrs. Fischer

My name is Kelly Alsip Fischer and I’m delighted to be your  Library Media Specialist. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 1998 from Eastern Kentucky University, along with a minor in Arts and Humanities and Dance.  I completed my Master’s degree in Library Sciences in 2008 with a 4.0 GPA and was awarded several scholarships for outstanding work.  This was easy to do since I love library skills and technology!

I am a native of Corbin, Kentucky, most famous for the mysterious Moonbow at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park and the original Kentucky Fried Chicken. (You can see photos of the Moonbow here on my father’s website.  He is a professional photographer and this is one of his favorite things to photograph!) I have been blessed to grow up loved and sheltered by such an amazing family, consisting of my parents, one brother and two sisters. After graduating from college, I was a reading specialist and 5th grade teacher in Williamsburg, KY and a 6th grade teacher in Corbin.  My husband and I also started our very own dance school, which is still thriving today!

Now I live in Richmond, KY with my husband Jeff and two daughters Lindy and Addyson. My husband is an Audiologist and is the Deaf-Blind Coordinator for the state.  We met in college through being members of the EKU Dance Theatre.  Our favorite dance to perform was Swing Dancing or the Lindy Hop…now you know where our daughter’s name came from!

I have a passion for ballroom dancing, yoga, and most of all…..READING!  It is very rare to catch me without a book in my hands! Stay tuned for lists of my favorite books and podcast book reviews…


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