A few of my favorite things…


We are one hour away from home and are reflecting on our journey.

My favorite part of our trip was:

Chetan – Williamsburg and seeing how the soldiers lived during the war.

Nick – Jamestown Settlement

Brice – the museum at Jamestown

Madison – the Indian Village

Lindy – the Ghost Walk

Taylor – Jamestown

Natalie – Colonial Williamsburg (especially the ghost walk)

Abagail – Colonial Williamsburg (especially the Dress Maker)

D’Syaa – Colonial Williamsburg (the wig maker shoppe)

Elizabeth – the ghost tour because the tour guide was amazing

Brenna – the ghost tour because the guide told so many interesting things.

Corey – Colonial Williamsburg especially the ghost tour.

Jackson – The museum at Yorktown

Azrael – all of it!

Kevin – Williamsburg. Everything about it!

Jonas – Colonial Williamsburg (Blacksmith and Gunsmith)

Jenna – going to all the different jobs and places in Williamsburg

Meghan – seeing all the Colonial characters and learning about their lives. Colonial Williamsburg in all!

Mrs Revo – Jamestown. Just seeing the beginnings of the country.

Mr Churchill – All the artifacts and replicas. Seeing how everything looked during Colonial times. Standing in bathroom lines.

Mrs Fischer – Training as a soldier in the Continental Army and Monticello. I’m ready to move in!

Mrs Watson – Seeing how excited the kids would get as they learned new information and how confident they were on their previous knowledge!


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