Yum…Something Smells Good!


Blog post by Meghan – 5th grade



Today we are dinning in the Shields Tavern for lunch.   They are serving salad as an appetizer.  The salad consists of carrots, purple and green lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and ranch dressing. The main course is chicken pot pie.    The pie consists of carrots, potatoes, peas, chicken and a gravy dressing.  Some of my friends were not very fond of this meal, but they found they liked it once they gave it a taste.  It is served with rolls and butter.   They have now just served us a delicious dessert of home made vanilla ice cream.  It has a nice taste and everyone ate it in just a few bites.

In Colonial times, you would come to a tavern while on a trip.   They would allow 5-6 people to sleep in one bed.  Once those were full people would sleep on the floor.  We all enjoyed our amazing lunch at the Shields Tavern.  We felt at home and as if we were living in Colonial times.


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