Mr. Churchill’s and Mrs. Revo’s Magic Tree House Journey


post by E.R. ChuChu

Today we got to visit The Wren House on the campus of William and Mary.  This is the oldest active college classroom building in the United States.  it’s a majestic walk up to the building.  You pass a statue of “some guy that must be important” as Mrs. Revo puts it.  Then you walk into big green double doors that leads you into the entry way.  On the right is the Grammar School.  The old way of teaching where everybody is gathered into one room classroom.  The master of the school sits on a throne and then two assistants are located in the corner of the room in their pulpits.  Then the fun started to happen.  Mrs. Revo walked upstairs, which is not on the mapped route, so Mr. Churchill reluctantly followed.  We saw professor offices and a hallway of past presidents of the university.   Mrs. Revo pleased that she was ignorant and Mr. Churchill pleased that he was following the batty woman!  Once they walked down some stairs the lucked into finding the chapel.  Not sure if it was still active we looked at all the pews and the decorative art.  When upon exiting we found all the doors were closed and we were sure we were locked in.  At least we had the cunning Mrs. Revo on hand who was used to the colonial locks that needed those really big keys. I would hate to see the janitor’s key chain!  After a struggle of 10 minutes walking aimlessly around the chapel looking for an open door we found the key!  Just turn the handle!  So we trudged over to the banquet hall that was located as our last stop on the self-guidend adventure.  Unbeknownst to us we walked into an important meeting of adults.  They looked at us strangely and we looked back at them. Then we bolted for the nearest door and by bolt I mean a vigorous walk.  We found fresh air and sunshine in an unknown garden.  So we just followed the brick road to that statue of “that guy” we saw earlier and Mrs. Revo noted that she deserves a statue like that at Dixie Elementary.  We both had a good chuckle!


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