Morning in Monticello. Blog by Jenna – 5th grade

We have arrived in Monticello. We are going on a shuttle up to Thomas Jefferson’s house. On his house there are columns. The point is the pediment. There are six chimneys also to keep the people warm, by fire. His house was about 200 years old. His house has 33 rooms and 4 floors. He has a library in his house just for him. He has a green Hamoude with plants and birds just come to visit. He had an octagon room also named the Madison because fourth president, James Madison, and his wife, Dolly, would come and visit. It was 30 miles away but it would take 8 hours. Also out of his house he had a fish pond. They would keep fish here until they were ready to eat it. They didn’t have refrigerators.

He also grew up in shad-wile. Thomas Jefferson lived on a farm with crops and animals. He made a new plant called a hybrid which means two different things put together. His farm had an orchard, which was a part of land that had many different types of plants or trees with fruit.

He died when he was 93 years of age. He was 6 ft. 2.5 inches. He had 4 brothers.

He loved to play the violin so he would go to people’s ceremonies or parties and play for them for money. They would play a chamber in houses or palaces. He also liked to write with his polygraph. This is how he copied all I his documents. Thomas Jefferson loved science and architecture. He played the harpsichord and piano. Thomas Jefferson could also draw beautifully.

He also had slaves. They stayed all in one room. They would cook the food. Clean the house. And take care of the family. He would be nice to the slaves. He would never have problems because the slaves would be happiest slaves ever because Thomas Jefferson was as nice as possible.

At the bottom of the hill he had a garden. His slaves would take care of it. It has rows if different vegetables. A whole lot of different kinds.



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