Life of a Cabinet Maker


Blog by Corey – 4th Grade

They had a piano looking item that was called a harpsichord.  The harpsichord isn’t actually a piano because the strings were picked instead of using a hammer.  No matter how hard you hit the keys the sound of the harpsichord would not change, but you could change the timbre by moving the picks within the harpsichord.  They are made out of walnut found in the fields of Virginia.

Cabinet Maker Shop

Cabinet Maker Shop

They also made a desk that took over 500 man hours to make!  They typically used three men to make it.  Only the wealthy could afford this desk because it cost 10 pounds about @25,poo today.   Even the cabinet maker could not afford the desk he built.  To be a cabinet maker they were an apprentice for 7 years and then they became a journey man.  If they became a master this meant the owned the shop and all the tools within it.  Cabinet makers had to do so many other jobs to keep in business.  The made cases for clocks.  They made all the chairs to go in the house.  To make the chair they used a tool called a “wood plane” to make the chair legs smooth.  They even sold wall paper from England.  Actually they didn’t even  make cabinets!  They were called cabinet makers because the room in the house for which they made things was called the cabinet.  Like pro office of today.


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