Gunsmith Visit


Post by Nick – 4th Grade

Today we learned a lot of things in Williamsburg.  One particular thing I want to talk about is the Gunsmith.  First when we went in, I saw a lot of stuff, but I learned quickly they didn’t just make guns.  They made guns, cutlery and  foundry.



To make a rifle, it would take up to a year!  The rifles made here were for hunters and not for war.  I found out there are differences between rifles and shotguns.   Rifles are grooved on the inside and shotguns are smooth.


My favorite part of the visit was the swords.  She called this a form of cutlery.  Other cutlery objects are knives, scissors and axes.


They made molds for spoons and belt buckles for horses.   To make the molds, they would heat the metal and then pour it into the molds.    When they are finished, they freeze it for it to set.   Then they would heat it again to make the form.

They didn’t just make things, they also repaired things like guns and swords.


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