Bah! Bah! Black Sheep Have You Any “Wool”?


post by Chetan – 4th grade

When I first went to the weaver I saw a bunch of cotton and wool sitting in a basket next to each other.  I wondered to myself what they are going to do with that.  First, she told us that they use a special tool called a spinning wheel to spin the cotton or wool into yarn or thread. They only spin the wool or cotton when they had finished their other chores and during their “break” time.  Not much of a break if you ask me!  If you wanted to have other colors than white you would have to dye it using special types of liquids like mercury (not too safe).  A chemist would have that job!   Once they started to weave the yarn and thread they used a machine called  allow.  You have to be good at math to do this part because they had different numbered pedals, up to 4, and they had to design it all out.  Kind of like our binary does they use for computers.  The loom used a special tool called a shuttle that you place the yarn and thread in to build your tapestry.  You have to “lock” it in so the shuttle doesn’t go flying through the window.  This job didn’t seem like a break and kind of repetitive to me.  One of the neat things they were working on while we were there was a curtain for George Washington’s tent while he was on the battlefield.


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