Capitol Moves from Jamestowne to Williamsburg



The first thing that our Academic Team did today was to visit our Capitol Building in Williamsburg. We have learned about the historical people that once walked in this building – Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, Peyton Randolph, George Wydthe, and Patrick Henry.

In the House of Burgesses, men would meet to make decisions for the Virginia Colony. Soon Britain recognized that Virginia was doing things that did not support the King. Virginia was the largest of all the colonies and took the lead discussing that independence would be worth fighting for. The House of Burgesses is very similar to our current House of Representatives. The council, similar to our current Senate, was made up of people that were very wealthy and had to be approved by the King. Also located in this building was the court room were all felony trials were held. One of our classmates was accused of stealing silk handkerchief and she was tried her crime. She plead for benefit of clergy. You can only do this once in your life. She was dismissed and to make sure she would never commit this crime again, the inside of the palm of her hand was branded with a “T” for thief. If the person on trial was guilty, they would be put in the public jail across the street. One cell held up to ten prisoners. The food would be gruel which is water downed corn mush. Female prisoners stayed in bedrooms upstairs, next to the jailers daughters. The jail cells for the men measured approximately 10 X 6 feet. In the cell there was a “throne” where they could do their “business”. You would stay in the jail until it was time to be hanged. About a week before the hanging, you would be measured for your coffin and given the opportunity to lay down and try it out. On your execution day, the wagon would pick you and your coffin up and travel to the gallows, which was a tripod affair. This means you could hang one person on each side. They would ask you, “Any last words?” and you would have your own response. The wagon would then pull away and you would be left hanging. It would take about 12-18 minutes for you to die.

We went to the Millenary and a Milliner was the one who made the clothes. They made jackets, dresses, coats for everyday wear and important occasions. We also went to the Apothecary. THis is a place where a doctor will take care of you and make you feel better. It’s kind of like a doctor’s office. Many medicines that were used in the 1700’s are still used to heal people today. If you are going to be a doctor you will need a good education to heal people. While waiting to go into the Barber and Puruke Shop, George Washington came trotting down the road on his trusty stead. We got to ask our former president some questions and he gave us some informational and extraordinary answers.

We finally went in the Barber and Puruke Shop. We were taught some hair curling lessons. We learned that hair nets were made out of horse hair, and that if you do not wear wigs you were considered undressed and that was improper. Also, if you get a wig you must shave your entire head for the wig to fit. If you take very good care of your wigs they can be passed down from generation to generation


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  1. Sounds like being a criminal wasn’t fun, especially if you we’re a thief! Was that your favorite part of the dat?

  2. I miss all my Academic Team extraordinaires! Come home soon. You have been missed. I know you have been perfect examples and learned so much. Very impressive blogs! Love, Mrs. Isaacs

    P.S. it is not too late to have Mr. Jennings treat you to ice cream. Just ask him over and over…maybe a hundred times or so. šŸ™‚ Just kidding. Be safe!

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