Jamestown Settlement


Blog post by Brice – 4th Grade

Today we visited Jamestown Settlement and a museum full of artifacts. Here are some of the highlights and observations that I thought you might enjoy…

The first people to arrive to this area were the Powhatan Indians, the second were the English who sailed from England and the third group were from Africa, who were brought to be slaves.

The Indians used natural resources and corn was their main crop. They had five seasons. The leader’s name was Powhatan and he led 30 tribes. Copper was favored by the Indians and showed wealth and power. The name of their houses were Yehakins. They were made of tanned skin. The Powhatan lived all along the four main rivers in this area. The English settled by the James River.

The English came along a route that followed the currents. They knew to go South until the “butter melted”. They traveled on 3 ships. The Susan Constant, The Discovery and the Godspeed. It was not a straight path. It took them 4 months to travel here. When they arrived, they were looking for flat farmlands. The Virginia Company was established by charters. These were grants. John Smith was not liked by everyone, but he helped the people to survive and to keep the colony going. Later, the first group of women arrived. At the time, Sir Thomas Smythe was expecting to be a wealthy man by discovering gold, but it was all fool’s gold. We watched a demonstration of a musket firing. The shot was loud and smoky. Jenna, Corey (preacher) and Lindy (lay person) all participated in a church and election service. Jenna was the governor and made a law.

The Africans had simple designs of houses. They were excellent metal workers.

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