Jamestown Island – Here We Come!


Blog post by Elizabeth – 5th grade

This morning we visited the Jamestown Fort. It’s located on the James River, named after the king. The water was very brackish. No wonder the people couldn’t survive there! We watched a movie of Jamestown and how it started and how it is today. It showed us the struggles of the people living there. Jamestown was the first successful settlement in North America. There are archeologists on the property right now! They have found artifacts of hostile and peaceful encounters. Powhatan was a helpful Native American and helped the settlers. They learned to grow tobacco and quickly found this was a cash crop. Africans arrived in 1619, some against their will and some were indentured servants. Many became slaves to plant tobacco because it required so many people.

Nathaniel Bacon set a rage against the Indians. We continued on our tour with Mr. Skelly who was really nice. There were cannons, which protected the fort. The fort is shaped like a triangle.

Pocahontas married Jon Rolfe and we saw the original site of the church where they married. Next year is the 400th anniversary of their wedding and they will be doing a re-enactment of the wedding. The people had to go to church or be severely punished.

An interesting fact about Pocahontas is that she didn’t wear a feather in her hair, although the statue of her on the island shows her wearing one.


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  1. interesting fact about Azrael……..My family’s last name is Ralph which is a translation of Rolfe….Pochahontas and John were Azrael’s direct ancestors…….wonder if I ever told him that….<3

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