Ghost Walking


Tonight’s blog is written by 5th grader Natalie:

We just got back from a ghost walk in Colonial Williamsburg. We got there when it was light outside. I thought it was going to be scary, but everyone was screaming later. The 5th graders tour guide’s name was Yafeu, and the 4th graders guide was Marilyn. The first colonial ghost story Yafeu told us was about a girl named Abigail. He said that Abigail was a young and beautiful girl, but she was also cocky. She would sit in front of a mirror and tell herself she is beautiful. She did this for at least 100 years. Then, when she got old, she replaced it with a beautiful painting of her. Then, as a joke, girls replaced the picture with another mirror. This scared Abigail and she now funds down the street of Colonial Williamsburg. She will take your youth if you are not careful.

My next favorite story he told us was about how Black Beard would rub his beard in oil and gun powder, and then set it on fire and threaten people. One day troops caught him doing this and he was killed. Sometimes people say they see him walking in dark alleys. I loved the ghost walk, but the trip has just begun!

This was my favorite story.


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