The Power of One


Owls are the theme for our thrilling 3rd grade complex this year and all students have been busy, busy, busy completing their owl research projects.  Mrs. Bertrand’s class wanted to find a cool way to display their work for Open House, but we were quickly running out of time.   One student asked me, “Isn’t there something we can do with those little black and white squares you have hanging all over the library?  They look cool!”   I never pass up the opportunity to use QR codes so I taught this one student a multi step process to turn their report into an interactive owl poster.   After watching me once, she quickly completed her project and she taught 3 of her classmates.   Those 3 students each taught 3 more students.   These 7 students each taught a friend and I think you can figure out what happened next.   🙂  Within 30 minutes, all 25 students learned this complicated process and created a wonderful poster to share their owl information.

Here are the steps: 

1.  Students used the Mac Lab and Recordmp3 to record individual owl facts.   This *free* program stores the mp3 and gives a URL address where it is stored.  (This is the easiest software to use for creating mp3s and podcasts!  We are in love with it!)

2. Next, they copied the URL address and opened up the QR code generator.   Although there are so many *free* ones to choose from, I chose Kaywa.

3. After generating the QR code, the kiddos copied and pasted the code into a Pages document.

4.  These steps were repeated over and over until all facts were recorded.  They recorded

5.  QR codes were printed out and glued onto a poster board.    Some students created 3 dimensional owls, some drew an illustration, and others researched KYVL for a safe photograph to share.

6.  Parents and students used iPads to explore the multimedia posters and learn all about Owls.


*Photos coming soon*


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